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Existing Accu-Chek Active meters

  • New test strip vials include a black activation chip
  • Black activation chip permanently replaces the green code chips and stays in the meter
  • All further black activation chips (and green code chips) can be ignored and discarded
  • Black activation chip codes the meter for all future test strips and upgrades meter to no coding
  • The expired test strip warning will no longer be present

New Accu-Chek Active meters

  • New Accu-Chek Active meters no longer have a slot for the code chip
  • Black and green code chips in test strip vials can be ignored
  • All new Accu-Chek Active meters are complete no coding systems
  • No action necessary when opening a new test strip vial
  • The expired test strip warning will no longer be present
Accu-Chek Active
Accu-Chek® Active
Learn about Accu-Chek Active system which supports you with a useful range of tools, helps you understand your diabetes better.
Carbohydrate Counting
Carbohydrate Counting
What are carbohydrates? How many carbohydrates can I eat? Learn more about carbohydrates from Accu-Chek today!
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Accu-Chek Newsletter
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